Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adios Adebayor, Welcome Eto'o

Barcelona try to grab Adebayor with €10m plus Samuel Eto'o. If I were Wenger, I will say, "Why not? Take him Barca and please release Eto'o immediately to me". This deal is like you trade-in a tyre with a Ferrari you know. What a great oppurtunity to have a striker like Eto'o right know. Eventhough his kinda oldies, but he still have the finishing.Yes, we need a finisher!

Next season maybe...??


  1. eto'o, no thank you.

  2. An unfit Eto'o is 10 tymes better dan fully fit byedebayor...he's just stupid tryna be a star even wen he's got nuffing to show for it..go to barca or wherever but remember u'll still be behind 'HENRY'in pecking order.Mr Wenger!pick sense and go for it asap!dnt prove ur cunning foxy methods this tyme...