Sunday, July 13, 2008

Arshavin's Agent Want Arsenal. Not Arshavin!

Arshavin's agent, Dennis Lachter just ONLY said :

“Andrei is desperate to join Arsenal.
“His style of play would suit them perfectly.”

 but the media all over the world straightly made their statement Arshavin will join the Emirates troops by hook or by crook due to his "despair". I don't think Arshavin was too desperate to join such a big club like Arsenal,Chelsea, Barca etc, but he can think wisely which team that suit with him. I believe he has such a great time at his club right now and don't ready to go somewhere else.And I don't think Wenger would consider to spend their cash for a player on his age.But,for me, WHY NOT?;)

So what do you think Gooners?

Arshavin recently feels that his price-tag is far too high because Zenit  won't let him go for less than £24 million. Thus, he proposed :

“As it turned out, maybe I did the wrong thing for myself as an individual by playing well at Euro 2008 since it has led to a rise in my market value.”
there is a souvenir from Arshavin,lets watch it.(I don't know why i like to put video in my articles recently..=p)

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