Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hoyte for Barry?

It's quite good to hear Wenger willing to spend his penny for a such player like Gareth Barry. It may rise our confident over the chance to win the silverware next season. Wenger's willingness to sacrifice Hoyte + £18 million cash would be a record signing if the deal come true. It also denied our rival Liverpool to get Barry for £17 million plus Steve Finnan. Martin O'Neill surely would consider Hoyte to his team due to departure of Olof Mellberg in the right-back post. Guess what,if Barry come to Emirates Stadium, it will increase the England-ness of our squad=p.

Here are some video of Barry. Do we need him?


  1. Surely the Englandness would stay the same seeing as we're sacrificing one of our English players to get another :P

    I like Barry, he could be a good purchase for us but on the other hand I don't know if it's worth sacrificing Hoyte for him as well as all that money if it were to happen.

  2. I think it is 100% worth "sacrificing" Hoyte to get Barry. Let's be realistic, he's one of Wenger's youngsters that just will not work. He's got hardly any technical ability and obviously lacks a brain. He'll never be a better defender than Sagna and if anything stops Sagna from playing then Wenger will look to replace him via transfer not this fool.
    I'll drive him to Aston just for him to do this deal.

  3. agree with u vela.if want to replace sagna,wenger should not consider hoyte. and aston villa might suffer if the deal successfully done=p

  4. Great article mate but I can't see that happening although I don't like Hoyte at all. Have no idea how on earth he plays for Arsenal with nothing special in him..

    And for Barry i doubt Wenger will buy him that expensive..maybe if Gilberto goes than he will but still with a cheaper price..and that time I hope he send Hoyte along to the other side.

    Hidup Arsenal!