Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Milan vs Arsenal Again

The Emmanuel Adebayor will-he won't-he leave Arsenal saga took another couple of twists yesterday with the Milan vice president, Adriano Galliani, saying first that the clubs were unlikely to do business as their valuations of the player were far apart before claiming the Gunners had written to him to say they were willing to discuss a deal.

On Italian television last night, Galliani said he had received a letter in which Arsenal said they had changed their position. "I will reveal to you a scoop," Galliani said. "I have received a letter from Arsenal that says, 'Following our communication of June 13, in which we informed you we were not willing to deal over Adebayor, now we are writing to tell you that we will consider a deal if it still interests you'."

Galliani made it clear he is still interested in signing the 24-year-old. "If Adebayor decides to leave Arsenal, we are certainly interested," he said. However, Milan have baulked at the asking price quoted for Adebayor and Galliani admitted that the Rossoneri would struggle to compete if Barcelona entered the bidding.

Earlier yesterday, Galliani was quoted as saying that the two clubs had different ideas of what Adebayor was worth and that a deal was unlikely, with Arsenal thought to want £35m for their striker.

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  1. sounds like arsene finally found ade's replacement, hope it's not huntelaar he's manu fanboy, his idol is ruud not dennis, must have a brain the size of a walnut.