Monday, July 7, 2008

One Stay...One Out

Hi GOONERS!!. First and foremost i would like to appologise because this blog was not updated because i went for outstation and no internet connection there that make me difficult to serve all the gooners out there with the latest info of our beloved team. Oh ya,stop me from talk crap. Lets straight forward to the info that i want to share with all you guys!

Adebayor who were very demanded recently due to his wage were reported that he might go no where even though Barca n Milan both have make surprise-n-high offer to this striker. This so-over-rated striker still needed in the Gunners squad due to the report of Arsenal's chief Hill-Wood :

"We want him (Adebayor) to stay," the Gunners chief insisted.

"Adebayor still has a long time left on his contract and we have absolutely no intention of releasing him from that contract."
Otherwise, his team mate, Hleb might ended his speculation by leaving the Gunners to make his own path for his remaining carrier. Barca,Inter and Real Madrid dominating the many headlines that have featured his name this summer.

The chief added: "Hleb has made it clear he wants to go. I think maybe he will go."

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