Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ticket Price Increase!

Arsenal director Danny Fiszman has defended the decision to increase the price of season tickets at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners have opted to raise the cost of their cheapest season ticket from £885 to £925 for next season after a four-year freeze.

The 4.5% hike means they are £275 more expensive than the next highest club, Liverpool.

But Fiszman insists the tickets remain value for money given they include European and domestic cup fixtures.

'We've held the prices for four years but there is substantial inflation in football,' he told Arsenal TV Online.

'Rather than keep holding prices back and then having a huge increase, we think it's better to have a small, steady increase rather than a big jump.

'Quite often there are comparisons made about the prices of our season tickets and we seem to be expensive.

'But in terms of comparison it's never apples for apples. Our season tickets include cup and Champions League games, which other competing clubs in London charge extra for.

'In fact they charge a premium for them. Our prices should be judged in that way rather than on the pure top line number.'

Does it mean we will have extra money to buy new player next season?=p

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