Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We Cant Afford Rumours Anymore

Day by day,.hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second, we are podcast by a lot of rumours about ins and outs of the Gunners squad. Some of the news might be relevant and some of them is not.

The controversial started with the story of Alexandre Hleb and Emanuel Adebayor will leave the squad. Both have made many speculations to the media about their future whether they would stay at the Emirates Stadium or not. Hleb might probably leave the squad and seek for a club which is near to his hometown as Bayern Munich and Barca become the leading top flight to get the signature of this player. Whilst Togolese teammate, Adebayor suddenly becomes a source of war in media when Arsenal and Milan both reported had had some agreement with the player in fact no official report to prove which one is true. Only he knows the answer. He might consider an option to stay but many gooners out there majority-ly wanted him to be replaced(shuh..shuh..shuh) with a striker who have the power and very consistent in all matches.

Another news regarding the departure of Arsenal player  is just the chit-chat play of media like linking Gilberto Silva to Juventus, Bendtner to Roma and some other rumors that I've missed out.(do you know the others?)

The speculation of who will sign for the Gunners also become one of the hottest story in the media especially webs,tabloid and also chit-chat in the mamak stall(this one i do a lot :)) Many palyers were linking to the Gunners started from a bunch of Spaniards who were winning the Euro 2008 recently like David Silva, Villa Guiza, Senna, De la Red,Marchena and Albiol. I admit, Marcos Senna is the most suitable person to replace Flamini for the time being if we look at his style of play which is very similar with Flamster - running all the way on the pitch and make the oppenent's play-maker dead on the field- but Wenger's policy which only want young player that he can developed will surely need us to just forget about this player.. David Silva is a player we need too at the moment because of his pace, composure and agility was very outstanding. All the Spaniards linking to Arsenal might probably recommended by fabulous Fabregas as he wants someone from his country to talk to(kidding..hehe)

Other player who  strongly linked to the Emirates Stadium are Nasri from Marseille- we still waiting good news from him, Arshavin from Zenit - maybe Wenger didn't like him but i would love to, Huntelaar from Ajax - also being linked to Devils, Obefami Martins from Newcastle - should out of list maybe ;p , Veloso from Sporting - not good enough even though Devil also target him,and some other players that I can't remember at the moment(maybe i should update this post everyday =p)

Who ever new player that will become Arsenal player might probably doesn't have difficulty to suit with Wenger's style play like we can see from Sagna and Eduardo - both start to shine in their first season. So, as a GOONERS FOR LIFE, we just hoping and waiting for the best signing that Arsene Wenger will bring in to the new revolution of The Gunners.Perhaps,one trophy could be in our hand next season after we just dissapointed  last season because of some silly reasons that bring to super loser.

What do you think Gooners? Are you still happy with all the rumours? Or do we need some major changes to at least get one trophy next season?

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