Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who is The Best to Become Fabregas' Partner?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that he is looking to bolster his side’s midfield, but doesn’t as yet have a specific target in mind.With the exits of both Alexander Hleb and Gilberto Silva, Wenger has admitted that he is looking to reinforce it the midfield area with one perhaps two players.

“We will need one more body in there” he said when questioned about his midfield after the friendly against Szombatheyli.

“At the moment we do not have Alex Song who is going to the Olympic games, Abou Diaby was not here tonight and nor was Fabregas.

“If we find a reasonable target then we will do it. But there is no special name on the list. We have some time. We have until August 31. We left 11 players back in Austria for this game. They will play in Stuttgart on July 30.”

Who will be the person/persons? Are you looking for an experience player or a develop youngster created by Wenger?


  1. You never learn do you!!
    Every year without fail thousands of Gooners speculate who Wenger will buy... but who is EVER right?!?!
    Who guessed he'd buy Diaby? Adebayor? Eduardo? Segna?
    who even knew who they were or rated them?
    Wenger will do what he always does, find someone he knows that not many other clubs know about and who he thinks will slot nicely into our team. And if history s anything to go by he'll be a damn sight better than any muppet WE fans could suggest.

    Wenger is the man and he knows what he needs and WHO he needs. I'd much rather see a tough no-nonses unknown player in the mould of Vidic than some hyped up Euro star.

  2. whoever left that comment at 5:15.... shut your pie hole. Of course every educated Arsenal fan knows that Wenger knows best. That doesnt mean that Arsenal fans dont have the right to express their own opinions.

    I personally would bring back Patrick Vieira. Him and Cesc would be the real deal with a perfect balance of flair and steal needed for the premiership. Vieira would stay for a year or two and then by the time hes done the others such as djourou or diaby will be fully ready to take up a regular 1st team spot with Vieira having helped improve them with his experience. After that couple of years he could then probably even be useful for another year on the bench before he goes off into the sunset having had another wonderful 3 years with Arsenal the club he so dearly loves and the player us gooners so dearly love.

  3. No Offense man. I just give my 2 cent. Who ever Wenger wanna bring into the squad of course have the ability that Wenger know how to suit with the team. From the past, Wenger not only bring in unknown player, but he would prefer to bring in well-known player as well. Rosicky and Nasri are the example.. I think Wenger's principle is,he will buy who ever can suit his beautiful game style. Even Torres,Wenger admits he wanted to buy Torres but with the insufficient fund during that time,he cant to make it.

    SO why not this time he bring in one or two experienced/well-known player as long as the player know how to play Wenger's beautiful football. Is it right fan?

  4. whoever wenger brings in it should be a classic dm type, an enforcer. currently, we've no muscle in midfield, just boys with big dreams and pint sized passers. we need a nightmare type player who scares the shyte out of opposing teams. a player who just loves roaming the pitch looking to lay people down(nicely though no yellows pls). a player who can take it and dish it out better, rubs people out with a smile and a curteous 'careful son, it's a jungle out there'. the type of player that tells the opponent one thing - it's gonna be a really rough day. the type of player that leaves the impression that they never want to see him again. and is a good enough passer and fast enough to link up with afc's lightning counter strikes.

  5. lorik cana would be nice perfect as he is an absolute nutcase would protect fab and the rest of the young guys is about 24-25 i think captain of his current team marsille needs work on his shooting passing good but i def think he could be our man here is a video for ya

  6. every football fan knows wenger buys who's best 4 the sure he'll get another good player like he said