Saturday, August 30, 2008

"There Must Be Two More Players In"

Arsene Wenger admits that he may still add to his red and white ranks before the transfer window closes, and concedes that there may be as many as two added players

Arsene Wenger is used to leaving transfer deals to the very last minute. On deadline day last year the Arsenal boss tied up a £2million deal for versatile midfielder-come-defender Lassana Diarra. According to the Frenchman's latest comments, further summer tranfers could be sealed in a similar manner on Monday.

"Last year it was at midnight - and we are ready to stay up all night this time if it is needed," Wenger told Sky Sports. "We have still a long time to go," he said.

"For a while they all talk the talk and nothing happens, then in the last four or five days every half-an-hour there is a headline saying someone has signed somewhere... When you have experience of transfer dealings, you know that as long as something is not signed you know it can change very quickly so you can look very silly, so you don't want to come out and announce it."

Regarding the number of players he is looking at, he mentioned:

"If we find the right players we will do it, one or two. However, I believe it's more interesting for us to focus on our strengths and quality rather than looking outside. I know it makes headlines, but it doesn't make you win games," 
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