Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arsenal Last Minute Transfers

Who do you think Arsene Wenger will sign during the last minute of the transfer window which less than 5 hours from now.

The candidates are  :

Salomon Kalou(Chelsea), Miguel Veloso (Sporting Lisbon). Gokhan Inler (Udinese), Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Giovinco (Juventus), Metzelder (Real Madrid)


Wenger won't but anyone during this summer deadline transfer??


  1. guys let's accept it, wenger's f**ked us over...forget the league, forget the champs league, we might win the domestic cups if we are lucky with the draws and if someone offered me fourth place, i'd snap their arm off for it!!! ABSOLUTE F**KING DISGRACE WENGER!!!

  2. All it shows, Dan, is that you really don't know squat. And you don't know why Arsenal are a superior team. You equate spending with improving quality. You should support Spurs -- much more up your avenues of appreciation.

  3. Anon, I feel so sorry for you. I don't know squat...F*** YOU!!! You are one of these shit Arsenal fans who would believe whatever Wenger says. Accept it, we needed a F**king central midfielder and now we are exposed until January.

    You have to write your idiotic comment as anonymous because you're scared of being revealed as a punk! You don't know s***, and when we have another trophyless season I expect a full apology...I won't get it though because you can't accept you're wrong.

    Where did I write we need to spend big money? WHERE?! We could have signed Mbia for less than £10m and he would be a far better option than the sicknotes we have in our team.

    I can't believe I'm even dignifying that stupid comment with an answer, you're probably an armchair fan in America.

  4. I agree with anonymous. I will stay as anonymous too except for adding my name is Rich so I don't have to join up to anything. Your name is as anonymous anyway since it means nothing.

    Dan, it is not Wenger who is the 'ABSOLUTE F**KING DISGRACE', it is YOU.

    Go support the spuds. Even if you didn't say that we need to spending, you are less than an armchair fan even if you went to the games. Spuds spend every year and win... ummm jack. So do many other prem clubs. You are a muppet...

  5. The level of ignorance is enough to make you weep. So many spoilt babies out there. Some clubs have fans who add something to the team. Think Portsmouth or Liverpool for example. These whining bitches who whine about things they know NOTHING about, are actually not even Arsenal fans. They don't know what it means to support a club. They are ADDS children who've achieved nothing and expect their mums do their laundry. Frankly, I'd rather they did not support The Arsenal and the longer AW continues doing what he does best, the happier I'll be because these plastic punters will hopefully fuck off somewhere else.

  6. way to go anons
    put dan in his place
    true supporters
    in wenger we trust!

  7. did anyone else notice the sublime skill of both Eboue and Adebayor at the weekend. Look at how Ade beats his man before putting in the cross that led to the penalty. Look at it again. Unique. Then Eboue goes and does almost the same thing in the build up to the second goal. These guys are world class. And they are not even our best players! I am happy with this team. Very happy! In fact I'm ludicrously happy! We're gonna win the league!

  8. What's the main link for this site www.mentallychallengedarsenalfans.com???

    Because that is what you are!!! Fine let's continue to lose our experienced players to bigger clubs over the summers and replace them with injury-prone youngsters (Bischoff looks good doesn't he? haha).

    I really don't get you idiots, every football pundit says we're at least one man short in the middle of the park (hld on so does Wenger), yet anons seem to know best...muppets.

    What other teams allow such departures without adequate replacements? Only West Ham springs to mind. I don't see why you cannot come to grips with the most simple of arguments for strengthening our squad.

    As for Anon at 1:00pm, you truly have lost it...you're beyond hope. Eboué is world-class apparently, how many assists did this "world-class" winger make last season? Erm...TWO!!! You're a fantastist if you think we can win the league, two words SQUAD DEPTH you moron!

    Just you wait til we start going to minging grounds up north in a foggy autumn (sorry I mean fall for you clueless Americans) evening with burly, physical players destroying our weak and lightweight midfield. Of course we smashed up Newcastle, they are a shambles and had no chance.

    My intellect is wasted talking to absolute retards like you.

    Of course I want us to win the quadruple...but when we fail again due to this stupid crusade by Le Boss remember what I have written.

    Hope you boys get out of the Loonybin soon =D I think I can hear the footsteps of your nurses with your brain medicine.

  9. You've all gone a bit quiet...see I AM THE TRUTH and you idiots know it. It's ok, I know you'd apologise if any of you had the testicular fortitude to do so!