Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walcott the SUPERHERO

On the night that Theo Walcott became English football's latest superstar, the hat-trick hero paid insisted Fabio Capello's side should no longer fear any opposition they face.

Walcott's hat-trick will go down as one of the most famous by an England player, along with those of Michael Owen, Gary Lineker and Geoff Hurst, as his goals inspired his country to the remarkable 4-1 win in Zagreb.

The 19-year-old sought not to dwell on his own performance but to praise the team as a whole and is certain they should be confident of beating any team that stands in their way.

"It just shows how together we are," Walcott told Setanta Sports. "We showed how strong we are as a whole unit. The football we were playing was absolutely brilliant and the goals we scored. We can do that against anyone.

"There were 11 stars, a whole team of stars. We've showed to everyone and the fans how strong we are as a unit. It was absolutely brilliant.

"The first two were very similar. I tend to cross things quite a lot. So I thought I'd be a bit more greedy this time.

"The third one with my left foot was just a brilliant ball from Wazza [Rooney], he was absolutely brilliant tonight.

"When you play for England you've got to put 100% in like everyone does.

"I'm just grateful that [Fabio Capello] has given me that opportunity and I've got to take that forward into each and every game and keep on improving.

"You always want to see fans happy. They were brilliant tonight. We just wanted to prove to everyone how good we are and if we keep playing like that we'll be fine.

"We're just going to keep taking every game as it comes, not get too ahead of ourselves. Just play the next game and then the one after that. If we keep playing like we did tonight it'll be absolutely brilliant."

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