Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aaron Ramsey

Hi Goooners!! First of all I would like to apologize for not updating this blog for a long time. This is just because of my capability to online was very limited. And today I will serve you with a couple of good news of our so-called 'superstars'!

Rising young Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey is set for a place in the full Wales squad - despite being only 17 years of age.

 Although Wales boss John Toshack has decided not to promote the £5m signing from Cardiff from the under-21s for Wednesday's World Cup qualifier in Germany, he says Ramsey will be in his squad for November's game in Denmark.

Toshack has earmarked Ramsey and West Ham's Jack Collision for promotion to the senior squad.

He said: "We decided that we would wait until after the UEFA play-offs before moving them up to the seniors.

"That won't change. We have friendlies in November and February, and those two will be the next to step up. Brian Flynn will then start again building his next under-21 squad.

"We know all about Aaron. We are working on where we fit him in and how we compliment his talent. Arsene Wenger said something very similar a few weeks ago.

"They have both been in the squad, Jack had a couple of games as substitute. They both know they will be the next two youngsters to make the step up."

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