Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review : The Best Soccer Store Online

The world seems to never lack of soccer fans. They even seem to be too many for their own good. Imagine a 40,000-capacity stadium looking cramped, making it look like people would just overflow. Saying that, the world will never run out of market for soccer gear. As expected, internet proves to be a good ground for some soccer gear dealers to show their wares. The advantage of this is that retailers can show a wide variety of merchandise without renting out that much space for a store. Then SoccerPro.com never missed a beat when it comes to putting their soccer goods on the net. Founded in 2004, it has been steadily climbing as the best online soccer store.

The main page immediately puts right in front of you a quite handful variety of soccer apparels. While this may prove too sudden for someone who just entered a “store,” what it actually does is it gives you a teasing taste of what more it has to offer. It makes you think to yourself that maybe you could finally find that certain color of a jersey style you like. And SoccerPro.com never fails you in your expectations of variety. You could easily browse through categories of apparel that interests you. Items are conveniently categorized, examples are by use (Training Wear, Casual Wear, etc...), field position (Goalkeeper Gear, Soccer Referee), and several categories of soccer gears and apparels. There are also pages dedicated to youth and women’s soccer. You could even browse by color. This gives a lot of advantage to those who already have a particular apparel/gear and color in their mind. Licensed apparels and gears are also available. You may notice the team selection isn’t that many but the variety actually proved to be a lot considering the difficulty in licensing distribution for different teams in different countries.

I allready have bought a good quantity of merchandise from this online store since they started displaying Arsenal stuffs especially soccer jerseys, and I’m planning to buy more. I know that they will offer more stuff for fans like me in the near future so I can’t expect myself from ordering more from them. Some might wonder about the trust I give to an online store. But given a good string of experiences and satisfaction I had with soccerpro.com, they will wonder no more. I have always emphasized on quality rather than quantity. They never let me down in quality, and in quantity given the range. The soccer jerseys feel really comfortable, and they should. These jerseys are exactly the same to those worn by the players right down to the last fiber. You could almost feel you’re playing with Arsenal when you are out kicking some balls on the field with these on. The jackets are also quality merchandise. They are carefully manufactured to give the best comfort and fit. And there are the humble shirts. The ones I wear casually to show my devotion to the team. It tells the people that I am a “PROPERTY OF ARSENAL,” which I indeed am, although I’m separated an ocean away from the place.

After several days of going to the mall and looking out for new boots, I finally came across what I want, the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV FG. But I didn’t find it at the mall, I found it on the internet. This is a lot less hassle. It really could be tedious searching for soccer shoes that will give you exactly what you need. I have never in my life seen a store where they let you take their shoes for some sort of test play. If you’ve seen one, let me know. But at SoccerPro.com, I know I found what I need. The shoes boast some cool features like lightweight design and comfortable feel. I know I need those, I need to be fast, and a shoe that doesn’t put too much weight on my feet is always welcome. It also emphasizes that the boot is designed for acceleration. Yeah, I need to be fast, but I also need to be fast fast. Acceleration is the key for getting that wayward ball that everyone simply goes for. I play center field and being there where a pass from the midfielder will certainly fall is of utmost importance for me, else my coach will throw tantrums. It can’t simply be speed, it’s those short bursts that makes for a good attack. I really put perspective on this in case you’ve noticed.With the help of my Nike Mercurial Vapor IV FG, I know good boots will never make you the best player you can be but it will surely help you on your way there.

David Beckham proved to be an icon for me. As a soccer fan, I know enough to be aware that he is a quality player. Being England’s team captain for almost 6 years proves that he is the most dependable and respected English player on the field then. I’ve always liked his passes and assists, so unselfish. And the deadly free kicks, as dependable as the chair I’m sitting on. He has also become a fashion icon, those good looks and charming accent can make a girl swoon. The chiseled abs seems like they indeed are chiseled to perfection. And finally, the gorgeous wife to top it all off. Ah, if only I have those, but then probably I’d be David Beckham. The closest thing I can get to being a David Beckham is have some Beckham. Beckham apparels and gears that is! There is no better place to go for me and all you Beckham fans than at SoccerPro. They offer a wide variety of Beckham jersey that you can get your bodies on. It fits really comfortably, it’s made of polyester. The moment I put it on I feel a part of DB is on me. My girlfriend said it looked good on me. I’m not sure though if she meant Beckham-good though, I hope she did. Can I play some soccer with it? I sure can. With the comfortable material it’s made of, it can’t definitely get in the way of playing.

Finally, the most overlooked factor when it comes to online shopping is security for the shoppers. As if the store is never preoccupied enough with filling that much variety for shopping, it also is not found wanting for security, both in cyberspace and in business. It lets its customers know this by displaying “SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE” right in the main page together with its accreditations. You can indeed feel secure and thus shop secure. Saying all this, SoccerPro.com is definitely a place to go for those who know what they want and feel they deserve to get it. Don’t go for a jersey that looks like what you want, get exactly the jersey you want.

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