Thursday, January 6, 2011


Arsenal       0
Man City    0

Summary of the game:

- Arsenal played a very constructive game. Total football I can say.
- Arsenal still lack of finishing. Plus luck on the City's side when Gunners hit the post 3 times on the 1st half.
- All the Gunners players played very well with their individual and teamwork ability.
- City played a very boring game. Obviously defensive play.
- Joe Hart played very well for City.
- Sagna and Zabaleta shouldn't be off! Bad referee decision.
- Ball possession: Arsenal 62% - 38% Man City
- Shot on target : Arsenal 5 - 0 Man City

End of the day, both team shared 1 point and gave Man United a comfortable lead of the table.

Boring Boring CITY!~

1 comment:

  1. It may be boring Man City. But at the end we need goal! Man City play for draw so that is effective for them. Don't look at others but ourself. I dont fancy stats or high percent of ball possession. It goal that matters!