Monday, April 11, 2011

Jens Lehmann & His Arsenal Return

Jens Lehmann has been talked out of retirement to play for Arsenal FC once again due to the lack of goalkeepers available to Arsene Wenger in the last month. Lehmann was only planning on being used for one match to help Wenger out of a bind however he has found himself being used much more than he initially planned and was playing against Blackpool on Sunday.

While Lehmann has stated that he was happy in retirement, he has also said that the rush of adrenaline that he has felt since gloving back up for the Gunners has been phenomenal. The need for him to play more games has come as a result of the main goal keeper choice Manuel Almunia being injured which opened up a space for the former retired goal keeper to put his Arsenal football shirts back on and return to his old club.

Manuel Almunia knee seems to be the issue and so the Arsenal fitness team will be looking into it over the coming days to see if he needs a few weeks off to recover. If this is the case then Lehmann might find himself needing to dust off his sports holdall and get back into a decent training regime as he might be needed for many more games in the near future.

Not only is this a surprise to Lehmann, it must be a great compliment to his skills that even after retirement he is still held in high regard to play for one of the top premiership football teams. We look forward to hopefully seeing some more of the German goal keeper in the near future, however we do also hope that Alumnia gets back to full fitness as soon as possible.